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Scope of Work (SOW)

Originally designed for our builders’ Customer Care/Warranty departments, ThreadKore’s SOW and change order tool provides all the flexibility you need to handle remodeling jobs, customer care, one-off projects and so much more. If production building is all about an efficient and repeatable process, then we must provide a different, more flexible tool for these various jobs. With our SOW tool, everything is in scope.

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$749 a month

Use our SOW tool to complete unique budgets and schedules for unique jobs. Custom projects and renovations made simple. Tackle one-of-a-kind projects with a just a few clicks.

  • Generate invoices within the app
  • Create automated invoices for routine jobs
  • Data based reports on billing and profits
Sales Tracking
  • Real-time data when sales are made
  • Intuitive sales pipeline for clients
  • Live updates on order payments and inventory
  • Create automated tasks
  • Automate payroll for employees
  • Eliminate waiting periods with automated client invoicing
Live Data
  • Built-in data tracking
  • Actionable data to build reports

Automate Your Workflow with ThreadKore