Easily Stay On Track

Scheduling and Consolidated Calendars

Scheduling without communication is a feel-good exercise that often leads nowhere.

Imagine the perfect schedule, every vendor given ample time to get products, subcontractors that know exactly where they are supposed to be and what trade they follow.

Now, don’t hit send on that email…Just leave it on the screen and check back in three weeks…How’d that work?

ThreadKore provides multiple outlets to keep your trade partners informed. Live schedules accessed through a trade portal or QR code, email blasts and more. Easy to maintain and easier to share, ThreadKore’s scheduling has you covered.

Ready to Get Started?

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Pick from pre-populated schedules and modify as needed or start custom schedules from the ground-up. ThreadKore associates are here to advise you on industry best practices and help you get the most from your new platform!

  • Generate invoices within the App
  • Create automated invoices for routine jobs
  • Data-based reporting on billing and profits
Sales Tracking
  • Real-time data when the sale is complete
  • Intuitive sales pipeline
  • Live updates on payments and inventory
  • Create automated tasks
  • Automate payroll for employees
  • Eliminate waiting periods with automated client invoicing
  • Built-in data tracking
  • Actionable data to build reports

Automate Your Workflow with ThreadKore