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The Single Thread

What is ThreadKore?

ThreadKore’s mission is to be the single thread that connects all businesses, large and small, by rewarding creativity and excellence.

Born from Experience

Uniting the Kore Functions of Your Business

Custom Solutions

Our consultants work with you to customize our platform to the way you operate. We share best practices and offer guidance.

Proprietary Technology

We own our technology. Every component. Yes, even the accounting piece. We are quick to respond and will pivot to provide unique functionality quickly.


Our web-based App provides flexibility. Whether you’re walking houses with your smartphone or at the office on your desktop, the ThreadKore App is available and easy to use on any device.


Customized solutions to speed up the way you do business. Helping builders work faster is our passion.

What Drives Us

Everything we do at ThreadKore is based on industry experience and designed to fill a need. We operate on the motto, “If it’s feasible, we’re flexible.”

The PICNIC Problem

The best software platform in the world still can’t solve the “PICNIC Problem” (Problem In Chair Not In Computer). For these instances, ThreadKore relies on our partnership with R2 Management Partners for transparent, timely, and accurate information. Builders that team up with R2 for bookkeeping and back-office needs receive discounted rates for ThreadKore’s platform. Reach out to us for details.

A Client-First Mindset

Our Philosophy 

We don’t simply provide a login and say, “Call us if you need us.” We provide solutions. Our consultants seek to understand your business. We work with and train your employees, vendors & subcontractors to use our system and we listen to their needs. Software should be a tool in your toolbox, not a hindrance.

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Manage from Anywhere

Intuitive web app

Manage communication, payments, inventory, and more with integrated apps available on any device at any time. Field users have full access to all data via the smartphone app allowing them to remain agile and get answers quickly.

Easy Estimates and Approvals

Create and send estimates with ease

Create project templates and use local data for quotes and estimates for clients to review or approve online. Provide custom bank draw reports to monitor and track liquidity in WIP or percentage of completion.

Automate Your Workflow with ThreadKore