The Single Thread

ThreadKore’s mission is to be the single thread that connects all businesses, large and small, by rewarding creativity and excellence.

In 2017, Turfhop was created as an easy-to-use platform for lawncare professionals.  This niche market served as a first step in understanding how small, independent operators would interact with technology, both in the field and at home.

The next evolution was JobCloser, offering a larger, more robust set of tools for other service professionals.  theHOMESapp™ seeks to further ThreadKore’s mission by introducing the next phase of integration, from service provider to home builder.  With the launch of theHOMESapp™, we will introduce JobCloser2.0 which fully integrates the scheduling, invoicing and payment between theHOMESapp™ and JobCloser.

We understand the value of our platform should be viewed as a tool, not a requirement.  Each step must be easy to follow and add value.  Most people are resistant to change. ThreadKore offers solutions that provide minimal disruption while creating substantial value. We tailor software solutions that utilize the client’s current processes and make them more efficient. We can only accomplish this by remaining by our clients’ sides continuing to understand their needs…not just today, but as they, and the industry, evolve.  With the breadth of tools provided by ThreadKore, we don’t sit on the sidelines, but play an active role in assisting and advising our clients.

Taking the builder industry by storm.

No current offering is a better example than theHOMESapp™. We spent over two years learning and creating a single application that connects every part of a homebuilder’s business and reaches out to vendors and suppliers, as well as, banks, mortgage specialists, insurance companies, and more.  One tool crafted to provide answers in real-time. Decisions are no longer made months after the fact. Transactions are captured in real-time and reflected instantly.

Too often, builders view success based on year-end numbers or spend too much time gathering data on individual homes. ThreadKore gives you a tool that can take you from the top-line performance, to a single invoice…any day of the year, which provides insight that you’ve never had.

One example is understanding your cashflow needs and projecting what the inflows and outflows will be between bank draws as it is a critical piece of a homebuilder’s cash cycle.  Why guess as to what a draw will be?  Why take money you don’t need?  Don’t spend hours guessing, when you could invest seconds in knowing.

There are a lot of, “What if’s?” in homebuilding. The right tool can help answer those and allow you to focus on what’s possible.

What If You Knew…

  • …the return on a subdivision from concept to completion?
  • …is this is a good investment?
  • …should I accept this offer?
  • …how to evaluate your sales approach?
  • …is there a path to get off the notes?
  • …is there a way to obtain equity out of the company?