Stay in the Loop

Notifications and Communications

Do you enjoy the ping of a text telling you a home has closed?

How about the reassuring melody from Outlook letting you know another task is complete?

Maybe you find satisfaction in seeing all your notifications and tasks in a simple dropdown menu with quick links to relevant documents, jobs, or contacts?

No matter your preference, ThreadKore Notification and Communication tools have you covered.

Ready to Get Started?

$349 a month

With ThreadKore’s solution, you no longer need to look for old texts and emails. You simply log in, go to the job in question, and see what’s transpired.

  • Generate invoices within the app
  • Create automated invoices for routine jobs
  • Data based reports on billing and profits
Sales Tracking
  • Real-time data when sales are made
  • Intuitive sales pipeline for clients
  • Live updates on order payments and inventory
  • Create automated tasks
  • Automate payroll for employees
  • Eliminate waiting periods with automated client invoicing
Live Data
  • Built-in data tracking
  • Actionable data to build reports

Automate Your Workflow with ThreadKore