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Integrate with Outlook

Outlook Inbox Integration

Tired of taking time to hunt down important emails from weeks ago? Integrate your Outlook inbox with ThreadKore and communicate directly from our App.

Here we go simplifying things again…

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We’re into simple. Integrating your Outlook inbox means no more switching screens to send emails and communicate with your trade partners and vendors.

Connect today!

  • Generate invoices within the app
  • Create automated invoices for routine jobs
  • Data based reports on billing and profits
Sales Tracking
  • Real-time data when sales are made
  • Intuitive sales pipeline for clients
  • Live updates on order payments and inventory
  • Create automated tasks
  • Automate payroll for employees
  • Eliminate waiting periods with automated client invoicing
Live Data
  • Built-in data tracking
  • Actionable data to build reports

Automate Your Workflow with ThreadKore