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EvenFlow Scheduling

The EvenFlow Pack: Get everything you need to manage lot inventory, sales status, and more.

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An evenflow is essential to a home builder, especially in times of labor and material shortages. Not only does an evenflow help make builders good partners to their trades, it also helps with cashflow and overall management of their company. Our EvenFlow reports, either sent from our system or viewed directly in the system, help our builders communicate efficiently with banks, agents, vendors, trades, and everyone else in the build process.


Generate invoices within the app
Create automated invoices for routine jobs
Data based reports on billing and profits

Sales Tracking

Real-time data when sales are made
Intuitive sales pipeline for clients
Live updates on order payments and inventory


Create automated tasks
Automate payroll for employees
Eliminate waiting periods with automated client invoicing

Live Data

Built-in data tracking
Actionable data to build reports

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