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Accounting Made Simple

Third-Party App Integrations

Accounting Software for Every Industry

Automate Your Workflow

Residential Construction

Manage projects for multiple communities, locations, and more through MyPM.

Commercial Construction

Multiple jobs, locations, and more managed easily through MyPM for commercial construction.

Custom Home Builders

Control your projects seamlessly for your custom home builder jobs.

Our Systems

The ThreadKore Network

MyPM™ provides an easy-to-use interface that allows for automated payments, alerts, and billing info while being able to easily integrate with 1st party modules.

Never Lose Track of What Matters

Make Project Management Simple

Nothing epitomizes ThreadKore’s idea of “speeding up without slowing down,” like MyPM where we’re able to integrate with a variety of our other platforms to automate your entire field service operation. By automating your business with JobCloser, you’re able to manage teams, send invoices, and so much more from your phone, tablet, or computer.

Add Tasks and Take Notes

Easily add tasks, notes, and alerts during the project timeline to help inform your team of important changes, updates, and deadlines while being accessible across the board.

Timeline Optimization

No more worrying over missing a deadline or overlooking steps, layout your complete project timeline from start to finish to stay on tasks and note what you need to finish successfully.

Collaboration and Communication

No part of the team needs to be left in the dark on project needs, easily share information and important updates while cutting out lengthy email chains and meetings.

Easily Generate New Leads

Track new leads within MyPM and use data analysis to help convert potential leads to new clients.

Automate Recurring Tasks

Break down small, reoccurring tasks to make them more manageable by automating them for the software to perform.

Automate Your Workflow with ThreadKore.